Pubblicato: 8/11/2017

Vai alla pagina dell'evento: Giusto per la Musica (Just for the Music): Concert dedicated to Maestro Giusto Pio

Almost a year after the death of the composer, arranger, conductor and violinist, Giusto Pio, who collaborated for many years with Franco Battiato, the Italian Rhythmic Symphony Orchestra, directed by Maestro Diego Basso, and the voices of the Art Voice Academy will interpret Pio’s favorite melodies. These melodies constitute the playlist Pio originally prepared with Maestro Basso for his 85th birthday concert in Caerano of San Marco.

The performance at the Municipal Theater of Falzé di Trevignano will be much more than just a concert: it will be a journey into the life and genius of a man who wrote a fundamental page of Italian musical history, a true "just for the music – giusto per la musica".

Teatro Comunale di Falzè di Trevignano
Ticket cost: 10,00 Euro
Presale: Nonsolomerceria by Venturato Sandra - via Mazzini 6/B, Falzè di Trevignano, until Saturday 11th of November 2017, 12.00 hour.

Further informations:
Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Trevignano
Tel. +39 0423.672842

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