Maestro Diego Basso is involved in high profile projects in the major Italian and foreign theaters and on television, but is above all a conductor of local and international pop orchestras. "Pop" refers not only to the genre played by the orchestras he directs, but also reflects his approach to music. Basso believes strongly that music must be able to break down borders and free emotions.
Basso’s "pop" embodies continuity, circularity, and relationships between different worlds. In his life and professional choices, he has always encouraged encounters between different musical universes by matching orchestras with great solo artists and by playing in theaters as well as in public squares or on TV.

He stays open to new experiences while remaining true to those ideas that form the foundation of his musical expression and direction. He believes strongly that excellence is always the product of collaboration.
He directed the orchestra for the Italian, European and North American tours of the Il Volo trio. He also recently directed the orchestra and arranged the songs for the most famous national and international artists who performed in two major Italian TV productions: Viva Mogol! (Rai 1) and Music (Canale 5).

Maestro Basso’s spirit of collaboration is evident in his work across many different disciplines – as a member of a choir, orchestra and academy. His passion is palpable in his music and the shared emotions it elicits as it flows from the stage to the audience and back to the stage where it arrives full of even more energy. Basso does not turn his back to the audience. Instead, he looks towards the audience, catching their eye, looking for a reaction, and in so doing, establishing a unique interaction with them.


Cultural Ambassador - City of Castelfranco Veneto, 2016
Rotary Club Honorary Award: Paul Harris Fellow - Rotary Club Castelfranco–Asolo