Art Voice Academy


Art Voice Academy is an advanced training center for music founded in 2003 by Master Diego Basso. Over the years, the Academy has become an important point of reference in Veneto and throughout Italy for the training of girls and boys who want to develop and strengthen their ability in music and singing.

The Academy is divided into two tracks: Children is oriented towards children aged 6 to 14 and seeks to introduce them to the music world and Young is a 5-year professional course for boys and girls 14 years old and older. The Art Voice Academy offers qualitative training for those who want to become music professionals.

I have always imagined a welcoming, creative and dynamic space where music culture can be promoted and spread, a space that supports young people and future artists, guaranteeing not only a high level of education through qualified teachers and structured educational courses, but also providing students with concrete training to prepare them for the professional world. Today, what I once just imagined has turned into reality in the Art Voice Academy, an advanced training center that each year welcomes children, young adults, and adults all united by their common passion for music.

Maestro Diego Basso