The Maestro

Diego Basso’s story is one of emotion, learning, passion and hard work
that has led to the awareness that music can bring vastly different worlds together.


The Music

The music contains engaging, intangible energy that expresses itself through sounds and
gives life to harmonies, melodies, rhythms and vibrations. Music is the universal language that connects us.


The Sanremo Young Orchestra is a pop rock symphony orchestra, original and selective, established to accompany the Sanremo Young 2018 television production, broadcast in prime time on RAI 1 on February 16th and 23rd and on March 2nd, 9th, and 16th, 2018.

The orchestra consists of fourty musicians, ages 18 to 25, selected and directed by Maestro Diego Basso. The musicians come from all over Italy. They were selected through auditions held at the Art Voice Academy in Castelfranco, Veneto.

The young musicians did not know each other before coming together for two months of intense technical and group work that has prepared them to accompany live the 12 talented participants competing on the stage of the Ariston in the Sanremo Young 2018 competition beginning today.

The Sanremo Young Orchestra in the media, 14.03.2018
Anche la violoncellista cuneese Chiara Di Benedetto nell'orchestra di Sanremo Young, in onda su RAI 1

Gazzetta di Parma, 09.03.18
Dal Conservatorio Boito all’Ariston “L’emozione di suonare a Sanremo”

Gazzetta di Reggio, 03.03.2018
Ethan Bonini a Sanremo Young, 23.02.2018
Musica, dal Conservatorio Boito a Sanremo Young, 22.02.2018
Il 26enne Manolo Soldera di Pieve di Soligo corista a Sanremo Young su Rai Uno

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