MUSIC Orchestra 2017 Maestro Diego Basso directed the Orchestra that performed for three episodes of Music, a TV show shown on Canale 5 on January 11th and 18th, and February 1st, 2017. The Orchestra is a rhythmic symphony orchestra featuring classical and band instruments.

The 36 professional musicians who make up the Orchestra, most of whom are under 35 years old, are specialized in pop music. They are versatile and adaptable performers who can successfully play alongside the many different styles and needs of the guests artists on the program for whom Maestro Diego Basso has arranged and prepared songs.

The Orchestra also performs on TV at Studio 5 in Cinecittà, Rome, a station famous in the history of cinema and television as the workplace of Federico Fellini. The Orchestra recognizes that its audience extends beyond the people present in the music hall at any given event. Through its TV performances, the Orchestra has increased its audience, reaching millions of spectators through their TV screens. Unlike in theater performances, television productions must be pleasing both to the ears and the eyes. The Orchestra musicians recognize that emotions are triggered both visually and auditorily and thus they must convey the meaning of their music both through the music itself and through their physical presence and expressions on the stage.

The Orchestra contains extraordinary musicians who exhibit an intense passion for their work and for their instruments. As Paolo Bonolis astutely noted, the orchestra has "a creative unity, a group mentality, and a collective conscience that come together to create a single great musical instrument".

During the Music episodes, the Orchestra was accompanied by the Art Voice Choir, which includes 40 girls and boys from the Art Voice Academy. A high point of the episodes was their performance in The Rain Symphony, a body percussion performance where the musicians used their own bodies as musical instruments to recreate the sounds and noises associated with rain and thunderstorms.
The orchestra, choir and vocalists met together at the beginning of December, 2016 in Treviso at the Teatro delle Voci, one of the most recognized European recording studios, for an intense practice session in preparation for their television performance.

MUSIC. Orchestra rehearsals at the Teatro delle Voci in Treviso

MUSIC. Orchestra on stage with John Miles - Teatro 5 Cinecittà Rome 

Orchestra and its instruments