Pubblicato: 27/06/2017

Farewell to Paolo Limiti, Maestro Diego Basso recalls: he was the one who believed in me and it is thanks to him that today I am an orchestra conductor:

"He was enthusiastic, but above all he was a person who was not afraid to offer opportunities to those who showed talent and tenacity,” remembers the Maestro today, “with Paolo we conceived of the idea for the musical Carmen, a mix of famous songs at the border between lyrical and pop. One of his dreams remained unrealized, though, and now I would like to realize that dream for him."

Maestro Diego Basso, director of the Treviso Orchestra, received news of the death of the famous TV host, Paolo Limiti, while he was in Warsaw, where last night he conducted the Orchestra for the trio of Il Volo who is on their Notte Magica European tour. He feels the loss deeply: for him it is the loss of not only a great professional and a friend, but above all of the person who helped him find his vocation and current job.

"He was an eternal enthusiast,” Basso recalls with affection, “but with his feet on the ground and a great ability to glimpse talent: it is thanks to him that today I have this job. I remember that, after having accompanied him in the mid-nineties directing the Stella Alpina Choir, he asked me if I would like to work in television. He wanted to know everything about me, to know my life story. At the time, I was torn between my work as an accountant and my passion for conducting. He told me: ‘Do not leave your life, but try to pursue your dream, without giving up’. Some time passed. After the rehearsals of the 100 years of Fiat show, he approached me and said: “It's time for you to pack your suitcase and come with me”.

It was 1997 and for the following five intense years, Maestro Diego Basso joined Paolo Limiti in over 1,000 daily tv performances on Rai 1 and Rai 2 and also on shows like Ci Vediamo in Tv, Alle Due su Raiuno, Paolo Limiti Show, Domenica In, La Grande Notte. He also performed in 15 evenings live on Rai 1 in the role of director, author and arranger of vocal ensembles. These performances helped launce Maestro Basso’s career and have led to, most recently, him directing the orchestra in the broadcast of Rai 1 Viva Mogol! (2016) and Canale 5 Music (2017).

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