Pubblicato: 23/06/2017

The short “One Minute Concert” will take place on Saturday June 24th from 10.30 to 11.30 a. m. and demonstrate what the children have learned throughout their week at the Music Summer Campus, namely, how to get along and come together through music.

Coming together through music," explains Maestro Diego Basso, director of the Art Voice Academy, who will conduct the young musicians as though they were a real orchestra, “this is the main lesson we want to convey. We want to teach love for music, but above all respect for each other, how to live in harmony, how to work as a group and share. Music is a discipline and a form of attention that brings together the group, the stage, the baton, and the audience. It teaches you important life lessons and provides you with new life tools.

The children and teenagers will perform one minute of concert that brings reflects what they have learned in the last week about music, caring for others, and working in harmony as well as the close friendships formed, strong emotions felt, and laughter shared throughout the chorus, body percussion, and instrument lessons with the teachers of the Art Voice Academy.

The “One Minute Concert” will be preceded by a performance by the Art Voice Academy’s Children's Choir who will use music to welcome their peers who attended the campus as well as their parents and their families.